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Chesterland Historical Village

7800 Mayfield Rd., Chesterland, OH 44026


Open Houses:  Apr.- Oct., 1st Su. of the month:  1-4 P.M.

Chesterland Historical Village is home to a variety of restored 18th century buildings set on a 5 acre green.  This includes the 1845 Silas Tanner house, the 1899 T.J. Thayer store, and the Scotland school to name a few.  All of the buildings preserved here originate in Chester Township.  The village is maintained by the Chesterland Historical Foundation and has a large collection of artifacts on view in the buildings.  The Cleveland & Eastern Interurban Museum is located in the Old Town Hall. The “conductors” are in-house the first Sunday of each month, April - Oct, 2-4PM.