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Columbia Historical Society/ Bronson House Museum/Columbia Block House

Columbia Historical Society, P.O. Box 983, Columbia Station, OH 44028; 

Bronson House Museum, 13648 West River Rd., Columbia Station, OH 44028; 

Columbia Block House, 25145 Royalton Rd., Columbia Station, OH 44028


Hours: Open by appointment and see website for other open hours 

Cost: Free, donations appreciated

The Columbia Historical Society’s mission is to present and preserve the history of Columbia Township in Lorain County Ohio from its founding in 1807 to current times. This is accomplished through student and public tours of the Bronson House Museum and Columbia Block House, presentations within the classroom, and by publishing histories of people, places, and events. As part of our public outreach each year during our Homecoming Festival, a Columbia Citizen of the Year award is presented. The Bronson House Museum contains many exhibits, materials, and artifacts and was the home of Sally Bronson Adams later in her life. Sally was the first pioneer woman in Columbia Twp. in December 1807. She was also the first teacher for the pioneer children.